Everyone is accountable, even the big politicians who make decisions for their country. And so, Peter Schweizer is back with, Red Handed, a book that is a political thriller. Below you can read our review of “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win”.

Peter Schweizer’s latest book is also an Amazon Bestselling Book. Peter is a six-time New York bestselling investigator. He is a renowned American consultant, writer, and president of the Government Accountability Institute. Peter is also the Number One New York Times Bestselling author.

Fun Fact: Peter’s books are translated into 11 languages!!

The Red-Handed, Peter Schweizer’s must-read book is the scariest investigation ever conducted. The investigation lifted the veil on most government, IT, and Business organizations. Thus, everyone who has read the book knows the truth about China and the American elite.

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Learn about the truth: Review of Red-Handed

The truth that Peter dug up has revealed that the Chinese government has been secretly infiltrating American institutions, government and private both.  This is very concerning news for common American citizens. Behind their backs, America’s so-called Silicon Valley gurus, Wall Street high rollers, Ivy League universities, professional athletes are filling their pockets. Therefore, these elite groups have been sacrificing the strength and security of Americans.

In the Red Handed, Peter has uncovered stories about US President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden (2nd son of Joe Biden), Senator Dianne Feinstein (California Democrat), Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker), Mitch McConnell (Politician).

He has shed light on how American politicians and big wigs have helped China to build a strong military, advanced technology, and wealth. These American people in high places secretly believe that American democracy is inferior to the Chinese dictatorship. You will know about the sitting president, Senators, and many other government officials. 

In this book, you will learn a lot of facts through corporate records and legal filings. The records prove the case against China sympathizers. Peter and his investigative team have unearthed and exposed powerful people on both sides.

Peter has in the past done investigative journalism and brought to us eye-opening facts about politicians. For example, a couple of his prominent books are Clinton Cash, published in 2015, and Secret Empires in 2018. So, what are you waiting for? It is time every American and global citizen knows the truth about the Chinese dictatorship. So, read Red Handed by Peter Schweizer, the best-selling author’s book on Amazon Kindle or buy the hardcover on Amazon and know the truth.

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